­­­­About the Faculty of Economic Sciences

The Faculty of Economic Sciences of Spiru Haret University (SHU), Bucharest works in the current structure since the academic year 2015-2016, according to the H.G. (Government Decision) 575/15.07.2015.

Its headquarters is located in Bucharest, Romania, 46G Fabricii Str., sector 6, Campus Didactica.

The new composition of the Faculty has been established by the SHU Senate Decision nr. 443/29 September 2014 to unify the three faculties of economic sciences based in Bucharest: Faculty of Financial-Accounting Management, Faculty of Marketing and International Economic Affairs and Faculty of Finance and Banking.

The history of the three economic faculties merged in 2015 reflects the process of diversification of the University educational supply during the 25 years of activity. Dating back in 1991, the Faculty of Financial-Accounting Management Bucharest contributed to Spiru Haret University accreditation through Law No. 443 of 5 July 2002 by the accreditation of the specialization Accounting and Management Information Systems. The major Marketing, included in the Faculty of Marketing and Foreign Trade in 1996, was authorised in 1996 and accredited in 2004. The specialization Finance and Banking was authorized in 2002 and accredited in 2009.

Since 2005, along with the transition to "Bologna" education system, Spiru Haret University kept on its main objective: the diversification of the education supply of bachelor’s and master study programmes. Also, in order to meet the students’ needs there were organized the three main attendance opportunities: full-time, part-time and distance learning programmes.

The Faculty of Economic Sciences conducts at present (according to H.G. 376/18.05.2016) bachelor’s study programmes in the following academic fields:

ü  Accounting – Major: Accounting and Management Information Systems, study programmes for full time (IF) attendance - accredited and distance learning (ID) - authorised;

ü  Management – Major: Management, study programmes for full time (IF) attendance  - accredited, part-time (IFR) attendance  - authorized, and distance learning (ID) - authorized;

ü  Marketing – Major: Marketing study programmes for full time (IF) attendance - accredited and distance learning (ID) - authorised;

After graduating a Bachelor's study programme, the students may pursue their studies within the Master programmes accredited for full-time attendance (IF), in the following academic fields:

ü  Accounting – study programmes: Financial-Accounting Audit; Accounting for Economic Agents and Public Institutions

ü  Marketing – study programmes:Services Marketing and Management; Marketing and Public Relations in Business;

The Mission of the Bucharest Faculty of Economics is didactic and research.

The organization of undergraduate and master degrees studies refers to the preparation and training of future economists, specialists in the fields of Accounting, Management, Marketing, Business Administration, Banking and Finance. These studies provide real opportunities for graduates in the free labour market competition and in the development of scientific research.

To accomplish the undertaken mission, all the prerequisites have been created in order to provide the students’ theoretical knowledge and the formation of those practical skills necessary for the effective approach of the national and international labour markets.

Students have access to the necessary information and to existing learning resources in the college library, providing them quickly and efficiently the adequate documentation and transfer of information.

The Bucharest Faculty of Economic Sciences has an adequate teaching staff to the undertaken mission, characterized by professional and didactic prestige and a rich practical experience.

The teachers of the faculty have professional and pedagogical skills to convey to students the knowledge and skills necessary for understanding the economic environment in which they will act, for the initiation and development of a business, as well as for the organization and management of a company.

During the last 15 years the traditional methods of teaching and learning have been gradually deflected towards student-centred learning. In line with this strategic objective the specific processes for teaching and research were redefined.


The General objectives of the organisation of teaching and applied processes contemplated for organizing and carrying out programmes for undergraduate and master sudies are:

        the development of partnership relations with scientific and teaching institutions in Romania and in the European Union;

        promoting quality and effectiveness in educational processes;

        ensuring the appropriate training to facilitate the access of graduates on the labour market;

        the adaptation of curricula to current economic realities and to the demands of the labour market;

        implementation of quality management principles in curricula and syllabuses development and adaptation.


The specific objectives envisaged by the entire staff of the Faculty of economic sciences of Bucharest refer to:

        ensuring knowledge and understanding of current competences in the field of economics;

        promoting the modern methods of teaching and seminars using IT technologies: audio-video projector, the use of e-learning platform Blackboard, systems of remote communication via the Internet;

        ensuring teaching material for all subjects specified in the curriculum, for undergraduate studies and for master;

        development of activities within the Centre for Assistance and Advice in Career in order to ensure better integration of graduates;

        accessing national and European research programmes, in order to obtain alternative funding sources to support the annual and perspective research plans;

        ensure the mobility of students and teachers in the European academic space, helping them to increase their capacity to adapt and their flexibility according to the requirements at European level;

The Faculty of Economic Sciences of Bucharest, by the complexity of the supplied programmes, guarantees educational performance developed through research activities, assuring by that the compliance of its academic goals with the requirements of our society based on knowledge and lifelong learning, transparency, efficiency and accountability.