Study Programme: Marketing 


The Bachelor’s Study Program Marketing has set as its main objective the training of economists, specialists in the field of Marketing, enabling them to operate in different sectors of the economy. Skills provided through the Marketing studies are as follows:

  • ability to use effective techniques and methods in the field of marketing;
  • the opportunity to develop, at an operational level, a comprehensive view on the process of marketing products and services demanded by potential consumers;
  • the ability to use Information Technology in solving problems in the field of Marketing,
  • the ability to diagnose and communicate effectively with team members.

Career opportunities:

Marketing specialization graduates can practise in diverse areas of the economy, such as: 

Commercial or Sales Marketing Services, Research-field Departments, Qualitative Research and PR, Customer Service Departments, Specialized Services for the Organization of Fairs and Exhibitions, Media, Advertising and Media Planning Departments, Supply and Logistics Departments etc.


Study programme: Accounting and Management Information Systems


The programme of studies Accounting and Management Information Systems is intended to shape the students’ thinking specific to the economic and management fields. The theoretical knowledge is related to the phenomena and processes of economic practice within companies and public institutions, as well as to the socioeconomic environment outside company: organizing and keeping accounting; performing tasks specific to financial control and internal audit; drafting and analysing financial statements; preparation, presentation and analysis of the consolidated financial statements; accounting operations concerning liquidation, merger, and acquisition of enterprises groups; organization and operation of management information systems; preparation and submission of tax statements; elaboration of financial and accounting analysis on different rungs of the hierarchical decision-making process regarding major objectives such as: profit maximization, strategic management, cost-benefit ratio, investment, industrial projects and pre-feasibility, feasibility, financial control, audit and accounting studies, implementation of national and international standards of accounting, as well as underlying financial-accounting decisions concerning the outsourcing of some of the operator’s departments and services.

Career opportunities

Graduates of the program Accounting and Management Information Systems can practise as: Advisor/expert/inspector/reviewer/economist in economic management, Analyst, Financial-accounting specialist, Budget Accountant, Internal Auditor, Financial controller, Financial Administrator, Financial-Accountant Advisor, Financial-banking Accountant, Chartered Accountant, Auditor, Management Controller, Consultant economist, Inspector, Bank Officer etc.


Study programme: Finance and Banking


The Mission of the Bachelor’s Study Programme Finance and Banking lies in training of future specialists in the fields of Economics, Finance and Banking, providing them with the following skills: organizing the financial activity of economic agents, as well as of the public, financial and insurance institutions; preparing and advancing financial statements and reports; exercising powers specific to the banking units network, insurance and stock exchange operators; organizing the activity of the cashier for economic agents, public institutions, as well as Treasury at territorial level; executive powers concerned with budget implementation; organizing and operating management information systems; assuming and exercising specific accounting tasks; participation in market research, as well as conducting marketing activities; interpretation and application of the economic legislation governing commercial companies, financial, banking and insurance institutions, as well as of the specific European Union Law.

Career opportunities:

Graduates from the Programme Finance and Banking may practise as:  Financial-Banking Specialists, Economists in other areas than the financial-banking system, Financial and Commercial activity Agents, Brokers and Dealers, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents, Experts in property valuation and auction sellers, Agents in the financial and commercial activity in other sectors of the national economy, Inspectors and financial agents, Customs and Border Inspectors, Tax Inspectors, Pension and Social Insurance Inspectors.


Study Programme: Management


The Bachelor’s Degree Study Programme Management is training specialists seeking to acquire specialized knowledge and skills specific to the profession. In this sense, the graduates will be able to:

  • identify, analyze and manage the elements that define the internal and external environment of the Organization through diagnosis and SWOT analysis;
  • develop and implement the Organization’s strategies and policies;
  • develop and implement management systems and their subsystems (allocation and reallocation of resources and activities);
  • identify, select and use ways and methods to forecast, coordinate, train, and audit the organisation’s activities;
  • underlie, carry and implement decisions for small organizations (as a whole or for particular components);
  • use databases, information and knowledge while applying methods, techniques and management procedures.

Career opportunities

Management Bachelor’s Study Program ensures its graduates the opportunity to practice as: Management Consultant, Project Manager, Marketing Manager, Food Safety Manager, Tourism Manager, General Manager, Financial Manager, Project Manager in Public-private Partnership, Social Enterprise Manager, Innovation Manager, Bank Manager, Supply Manager, Manager of Risk Management Systems, Manager of Environmental Management Systems, Manager of Quality Management Systems, Cultural Organisations Manager, Purchasing Manager etc.